Our Team’s Success with AI Teammates

Oct 18, 2023

Our team was at a meeting last week where we introduced the FlexWurx team. In addition to our core team members, we noted the importance of FlexWurx — our AI teammates who have helped us dramatically increase our productivity and better serve our customers.

We currently have AI teammates created for specific functions like marketing, sales, training and customer success. Each AI teammate is trained on a tailored set of documents, data and processes relevant to their role. This training is key to enabling them to deliver immediate value.

Our marketing AI helps us with our SEO, web copy and social strategy. We provided our AI teammate with our messaging, product documentation, guidelines and goals to guide decision making. As we optimize and refine over time, the marketing AI gets more productive.

For sales, our AI teammate helps create custom sales materials and provide helpful coaching on improving our sales process.

On the training front, our AI teammate is trained on all of our messaging, key benefits, product information, pricing, product roadmap — everything a new employee needs to quickly get up to speed.

The power of AI teammates like FlexWurx is that they complement our team’s skills and bandwidth. We can engage them as strategic partners across key business functions — driving growth and productivity.

If you’re looking to scale your small business and elevate your core team, I’d strongly encourage you to check out FlexWurx’s AI teammates.

For more information, please visit: www.flexwurx.com

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