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Work From Home

The Future of Work for

Small Teams

Custom AI meets flexible staffing.

AI teams.  On-demand skills.

Work smarter with AI at your side.

Scale skills on-demand.

Costs stay low.

This is Flex AI, our AI assistant for small business
A screenshot on how to create an AI assitant to help improve productivity for small businesses.

Scale smart.

FlexWurx is an AI-powered platform built to empower small businesses. Get a personalized AI workforce that automates tasks across departments.

Seamlessly tap into our on-demand talent pool to scale skills and accomplish more. Our human + AI approach provides the flexibility and support needed to boost productivity and growth.

Do More with Less

FlexWurx provides an AI workforce to automate tasks and provide strategic support. Access specialized skills on-demand. Boost productivity without increasing headcount.

AI that Gets You

Our AI is tailored to your specific needs. Maintain consistent messaging while also gaining insights for better decision-making. It's like having an extra team member who not only "gets it" but also thinks ahead.

Compete Smarter

Facing tough competition? Gain an edge with instant access to on-demand talent and AI that adapts to your strategic needs.


Get started in 3 easy steps.

See FlexWurx in Action

1 - Signup

Create an account and choose your plan*. You can create an account using the button below.

*Currently there is only one plan to choose from, but we plan on adding more soon!

2 - Train

First up, choose a job title and list the responsibilities for your AI team member. This isn't just a formality—it's the blueprint that ensures your AI aligns seamlessly with your business objectives.


After that, upload crucial documents and URLs, such as brand guidelines or strategic plans, to fine-tune its capabilities.

3 - Onboard

It's time to meet your newest team member.  And don't worry, if Flex isn't quite your style, you can easily customize the name.

It's that simple. Let's get to work!*

*FlexAI is currently in a beta stage

Basic Plan


Per Month

FlexAI Chatbot/Agent

Unlimited Agents

1-1 Support

Pricing Plans

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