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Meet FlexWurx.

Revolutionize your entire customer experience with FlexWurx 

Empower your business with on-demand CX solutions, supercharged by AI for unmatched engagement and efficiency.

Flexible, Scalable Customer Support

Elevate your Business

Revolutionize Your Business with Exceptional Customer Service: Seamlessly Connect with Engaged Support Staff and Streamline Processes with AI

Pay-Per Outcome

Get efficient and cost-effective customer support with our unique pricing model - pay only for the conversations solved, or successful outcomes achieved, regardless of the project type

Reduce Costs

Reduce employee attrition and drastically save costs related to hiring and onboarding

Improve CX

Elevate your customer experience with the innovative combination of our marketplace and AI-powered capabilities

Our Platform

You will have access to an on-demand platform where you can seamlessly recruit, hire, train and staff engaged employees.  The FlexWurx platform will allow you to significantly reduce operational costs related to hiring and employee attrition.

​Our Mission

Our mission is to power the future of work by turning employees into micro-businesses, while providing organizations with highly engaged, motivated and well-trained talent through the FlexWurx platform.

Meet FlexWurx

FlexWurx is an on-demand platform that helps small businesses improve their operations and customer experience. We offer staffing services to seamlessly recruit, hire, train, and staff engaged employees.


Our solutions provide cost-effective customer support, marketing, and feedback management services. 

Why FlexWurx

FlexWurx is the essential customer support solution for your small to medium sized business.

Looking for Flexible Work?

Looking for FlexWurkers?

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