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As Director of Client Services at Hansen CPA, Hailey Thiel handled a wide range of responsibilities from operations to marketing. But there were only so many hours in the day.

Customer Story: Hansen CPA

Hailey soon solved that by creating Morgan - her own custom AI assistant from FlexWurx. After quick onboarding, Morgan immediately took over content creation and helped with strategic planning.

Together they built an ambitious 2024 marketing plan targeting 3X growth. With Morgan creating quality content in a fraction of the time.

Hailey hit her ROI in just 24 hours. According to research, AI boosts productivity over 30% - a similar impact Morgan had. Now Hailey accomplishes in a day what took multiple days before.


With limited time, Hailey struggled to handle marketing along with other responsibilities at her CPA firm.


Hailey created Morgan, a custom AI assistant from FlexWurx, to take over content creation and help with marketing strategy


Together, they built an ambitious marketing plan targeting 3X growth and achieved over 30% productivity gains, while reaching full ROI within 24 hours


"With Morgan, we can quickly implement marketing strategies. It's like having a specialist trained just for you."

Drive Rapid ROI with FlexWurx

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